Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ten Fantastic Restaurants You Could Own

As time progresses, some people can begin to feel that their lives have begun to stagnate. In these instances, new and exciting opportunities – especially in the world of business – are a great way to help you find new direction. One great way to embrace change and development is to own a restaurant. Here is a list of ten fantastic restaurants which you could own:

1. French Attraction

As the centre of high-class cuisine, France is the perfect location for anyone committed to starting their own restaurant. Great restaurant opportunities include top-class restaurant establishments within the Dordogne region of Southern France. One such example comes complete with thirty seven acres of beautiful landscape and is priced at around €2,000,000 (just over £1,750,000).

2. Californian Dream

Sun and glamour await restaurateurs who embrace the Californian dream. With great venues available on Sunset Boulevard, situated within West Hollywood, there are a great business opportunities to be enjoyed. One example includes a 5,000 square foot property, which was established in 1947 and offers fine dining.

3. Spanish Variety

If you are interested in something a bit more varied then this type of venture could be the perfect opportunity. A new complex in the Spanish island Menorca has six themed restaurants for sale and plans for further development. Priced at nearly €5,000,000 (just under £4,500,000), these units comply with EU regulations and are constructed primarily from English sourced materials.

4. English Retreat

Restaurants don’t have to be situated on land and floating venues are a great way to offer a unique dining experience. This great Thames based floating venue costs £2,600,000 and supports a capacity of 1,000 people. It has two separate dining areas and additional bars.

5. Australian Sunshine

The Australian city of Sydney is a bustling hive of activity. With a great establishment situated within the Blue Mountains on sale for over £2,600,000, there is a real opportunity for an ambitious young restauranter. This particular property seats up to 150 guests in a 325 square metre venue that has won multiple awards in the past.

6. Thai Paradise

The bustling city of Bangkok is home to a number of great restaurants all of which provide great opportunities for budding businessmen and women. A great establishment just outside of the busy centre is currently on the market for just over £300,000. An idyllic and peaceful location, this is perfect for a unique dining venture.

7. Mexican Flavour

Mexico is well known for its sensational food, combining sharp flavours with bright colours for excellent cuisine. With a commercial property on the market in Quintana Roo for just over £350,000, this would be the ideal location for a restaurant or bar.

8. Italian Flair

Italy is the home of amazing food and culinary expertise. The Northwest region of Liguria offers great venues for restaurant development, and one such establishment is currently on the market for just under £1,500,000. A 16th Century Florentine building, the property has a 250 square metre terrace with views of the spectacular mountainous landscape surrounding it.

9. Alaskan Serenity

Alaska has great restaurant venues available such as the one situated alongside the Sterling Airstrip. Currently styled as a 1950s themed cafe, this property, costing just under450,000 US Dollars (under £300,000), comes complete with six acres of stunning views. Located near world class fishing rivers, this restaurant could be developed into a truly great establishment.

10. Canadian Class

Canada is a beautiful landscape and home to a number of thriving restaurants. The region of Ontario boasts an amazing opportunity for a budding restaurateur, with an award-winning restaurant for sale at a price of around £1,100,000. The property has been established for nineteen years and has an indoor seating capacity of 180, with an additional 54 seats in the outdoor patio.

Rachel is a business blogger currently on the lookout for restaurants for sale.


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