Thursday, September 22, 2011

Easing into a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Almost Painlessly

Many families and individuals are interested in switching from a primarily meat-and-potatoes type of diet to a vegetarian or even vegan diet. The health benefits are enormous, ranging from lowered cholesterol to increased energy. While the initial transition to a new diet can be difficult, there are many ways to replace meat and dairy products in your favorite meals. Cooking meals you love in a vegetarian or vegan style with meat substitutes can help curb cravings and get you on the right track towards your new diet. You can even increase savings depending on the kinds of replacements you buy and what type of meats you are eliminating.

There are a handful of meals that are easy to transition for a meat-free diet. Lasagna, for example, is typically prepared with layers of lasagna noodles, cheese, sauce and ground beef. Replacing the ground beef with tofu and spinach can taste wonderful and still make a hearty meal for the whole family. If you’re trying to cut eliminate dairy products, you can eliminate the cheese all together or find a vegan cheese substitute for your meal. Tacos are another meal that is easy to prepare without the use of meat. Processed meat replacements are available, along with the use of beans. Trying different combinations can help you prepare delicious meals without the use of any meat.

If you are interested in pursuing a vegan diet, you may have difficulty also avoiding milk and other dairy products. Luckily, there are a variety of milk substitutes that taste great and are cruelty-free. Almond milk is a nice choice for many people since it tastes slightly sweet and works great in recipes that call for milk. Many vegans and vegetarians are fond of soy milk, and its ready availability in most stores makes it a very popular option.

Trying to find substitutes for your favorite food can be a very helpful way to transition from a meat-based diet. Instead of thinking that you can never enjoy ice cream again due to a new vegan diet, you can look out for blends that have been made just for vegans. The number of vegetarians and vegans in the world is growing significantly, allowing you to enjoy a much broader range of products from which to choose.

Switching to a diet full of plants and other forms of protein rather than meat and dairy products is not only good for your body, it’s also a wonderful change for the environment. Taking the time to find different food and drinks free of animal by-products and meat will ease the transition and reduce habit-induced cravings. As you browse through the safe products, you will likely notice that many of the items available allow you to prepare similar meals as before. Soy milk, tofu and meat replacements can easily fit into recipes you typically follow, so that cravings aren’t difficult to tackle. By researching the substitutes that are available, you can begin following a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet and be well on the way towards a healthier body.

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