Thursday, August 4, 2011

The 5 Big Benefits of Buying From an Online Artisan Meat Shop

Purchasing from an online artisan meat shop might sound strange considering that you don’t have the meat in front of you when you order it and you have to wait for it to arrive, but there are actually many advantages to buying meats from these gourmet online retailers. Most people do at least some of their consumer activity online, from buying t-shirts to purchasing Christmas gifts to ordering electronics for personal use. You can refill prescriptions online, order groceries and have them delivered to your house and have items shipped to your home from around the world—the possibilities are endless. So why not enjoy the largest possible selection of gourmet meats from around the world instead of being limited to what your grocer is carrying?

The 5 Big Benefits of Online Meat Buying

1. Bulk Buying Power

If you need a large quantity of high-quality meat for an upcoming event, your local gourmet meat shop might not have enough product on-hand to meet your needs, assuming that you do have an artisanal retailer in your area. Your local grocery store may also not have a large quantity of specialty meats, and their gourmet selections will most likely be limited. A bulk grocery store will most definitely not have the gourmet meats you’re looking for; this would be a better option if your large event is a backyard barbeque rather than an elegant affair. An online gourmet retailer will be able to fill your order with a large quantity of the best artisanal meats in a short period of time.

2. Convenience

Ordering gourmet meats online is simply more convenient than waiting around in the butcher shop or deli. Sure, you have to wait for your order to arrive, but if it’s not something you need at this very moment, this shouldn’t be a deterrent. It’s just one less errand you need to run while you’re out and about.

3. Organic Selections

If you don’t have a lot of organic meat products available in your local area, online meat shopping is an excellent choice. Retailers on the Internet may offer a much larger selection of organic options than your local grocery store, deli or butcher.

4. Largest Selection

Even if you have an artisanal, gourmet or specialty store nearby, chances are that it can’t rival the selection that is available at your fingertips on the Internet. You can find virtually any kind of rare or hard-to-find meat online.

5. Lower Costs

An online retailer may also be able to offer lower prices than your local gourmet meat shop due to high volumes of sales and special relationships with artisan food makers. You can always shop around and find the best deals for pricey meats when you shop online.

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